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Sendem is the fast and easy interface to SmartNet, the system that links companies in the security (manpower) industry.

SmartNet enables participants to quickly, easily, and reliably exchange requests for alarm response, guard, patrol, and service jobs and receive updates on progress as it occurs.

Participants require one of the following systems to dispatch, receive, and track work

  • A browser with access to the web site.
  • SmartNet Client, a windows based, more advanced version of the web based portal.
  • SMART, our advanced dispatch, management, and billing system.

Mobile workers can also receive job details by email or SMS. Replies to mobile email (e.g. with job outcomes) can be automatically processed.

Interfaces to other systems exist or can be readily supplied. For instance, it is possible for an alarm monitoring operator to dispatch a job at the touch of a button without rekeying data, and to have details of the outcome returned automatically.

SMART, SmartNet, and Sendem are developed and operated by, the leading provider of systems to the security manpower industry since last century.